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                                        Typical Simpatico Puppy 

I have been showing /breeding cavaliers since 1990 but had them before. I have 7 Cavaliers. Normally I have 1 litter a year and my aim is to breed healthy, sound and good temperament cavaliers. 


I have my dog's health checked regularly and all puppies before they go to their new homes are heart and eye tested, fully vaccinated and microchipped they do not leave here until 12 weeks of age.

All prospective owners are vetted.

You are always best to try and
 buy from a reputable breeder
 recommended by Cavalier club
 puppy register. Never buy from
 papers or internet you can never
what you are
 getting  you are just
 encouraging Puppy farmers.



 Carol Godwin

07881 623199        

Simpatico Cavaliers. Norfolk. uk.


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